For you: our amazing new Earth Day video

Dear friend,
This Earth Day I'm hoping you'll celebrate by watching our new Earth Day video and inviting those in your life to join Greenpeace with you.

Our planet is facing bigger challenges than ever before. Our ancient forests are being chopped down and our oceans recklessly fished out and polluted at a breathtaking pace. Whaling, toxic pollution, dirty coal, dangerous nuclear energy and genetically engineered crops threaten the quality and even sustainability of lives around the planet. Catastrophic climate change looms as governments and industry spend time and resources in hopes of increasing their profits while avoiding the changes necessary to curb carbon emissions.

Over the years, we've had a positive impact around the world by bearing witness and convincing politicians and industry to change many harmful practices. We have managed to protect enormous swaths of land, push through major environmental laws and sometimes even inspire business, government and science to put the good of the planet before financial gain.

But if you think the power of Greenpeace is in our ships, our peaceful direct actions or our solutions-based campaigning - think again: it's you.

The Earth needs more people like you who care about environmental issues, more people who will use their voices to defend it - and more people who will take action to protect it. You can help the Earth today by helping build the movement to save it - invite people to watch our Earth Day video via e-mail, or share it on Facebook.

A green and peaceful future is possible - please join us in making it happen. The Earth needs our attention not just on Earth Day, but every day.

Best wishes,
Kumi Naidoo
Executive Director,
Greenpeace International

P.S. Please consider going directly to YouTube to "favourite" the video and leave a comment. You can also promote it on your Facebook/Twitter accounts or grab the embed code and paste on your blog.
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p/s : same2lah menyapport greenpeace ini!

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