MAS Volleyball Inter-Department

On the same date of Rugby tournament,6/4/09, there's a Volleyball tournament which METC trainees involved. With the tag line 'Volley-Holic',it sound like a 'hebat seyy..',but unfortunately lost in this game at early stage. So, what i can say to the 'Volley-Holic'ers is to keep practising n try to be da best,dont be the last minuters:)

"serve laa..pe tunggu lg 2", kata mereka kepada tukang serve..

offside pn ade kah?^_^

tutup molot ler..
thinking with ball..
dah kalah ker bang oii..^_^

MAS Rugby Inter-Department

On 6th of April 09, there's a tournament rugby held at KLIA rugby field. METC send 2 groups to compete in. Although got reached quarter final, its enough to give positive sight to others team that METC is among da best!^_^

watching them perform..

good pass:)
run itik,runn...
manager managing...
discussion time..
kicking angin..haha..
warm up in warm sun..
METC Rugby Team
jangan tinggalkan daku hatta~
mboh~nmpk ape itu itik...
take this!!