Makan @ Panmour Villa Restaurant

history was created on 30/11/09,when me and my housemate bun,kechik n daqli went to this restaurant for dinner,located beside Selangor Medical Centre at Shah Alam. upon arrival,daqli who previously had came to, asked us to take large size for any dishes.so,me and kechik ordered nasi goreng thai,nasi goreng cina for daqli and bun ordered nasi paprik but in normal size. then,when the waiter send the first dishes,which is nasi goreng cina,we got shocked! it's really 'large' in size,suitable for 3 person eat..the waiter also give us 3 plates and 3 sets of fork n spoon..and after that, the nasi goreng thai arrived..the waiter laughed to us,as can us finished all of that dishes?luckily all in great hunger,not eat in 6 hours before..and after about 15 minutes,all had successfully finished the dishes [now we keep searching and want to show to waiter that we had finished all,haha]

comment about this restaurant : good appearance n clean,sweet waitress [credit for that:) ],average price,nice food although no additional dishes such as sambal or soup,maybe on request.but please dont order milo ais kaw,as it same with milo ais..[kene tipu 60 sen woo..]

large only 8.50,paprik sedappp only 7

this is my plate,sooo big....look that spoon..is it spoon?

differences between normal size and large dishes..now i get...

condition inside restaurant
all 3 large plates..


Nashuha said...

wah.. mkn byk hehehe....

:::p-e@sHaFiEe::: said...

sekali sekala..hehe:)ni 2nd time mkn banyak sekaligus,sblm ni ade gak..nasik seafood ngn ice blended,nyum2,kat restoren murni ss2,mkn smpai penin2..huhu~