Do you know?

What's the feeling when he love she like crazy,then when he just do tiny mistake,she not forgive plus hurting he??

there's 1 man
1 girl
falling in love
because of what the girl do with the man
the man falling love to the girl
the girl also love the man
n they make an agreement
to love each other
be couple..so sweet..


one day
the man said something
something about the girl
make the girl hurt
the girl just ignore the man
n not forgive the man
the man repeatedly asking forgiveness
n know what the man said was wrong

the girl left the man without telling
that the girl find someone who can replace the man
n the girl get another man..

when the man know that the girl have someone
the man feel very upset
the man done with his part to convince the girl
that the man really love the girl
seems the girl just don't know
forgot that she have he last time

and actually the man
until now
still asking the girl where she put her love
the love that the girl built for the man

the man still searching for the love
that she give to him......