Gastrik paprik!

on thursday 25th february 10,after took lunch at Wak Corner,had a delicious plenty of chicken fried rice,my stomach felt different then before. my body sweating and feel uncomfortable,feel want to vomit. so,i thought it just food poisioning~(again...) so i let it until the next day, when it continues to had symptom like it. so, after tak tahan menanggung seksa, i went to Klinik Zulkifli, saw a doctor and straightly the doctor said ' it's gastrik'...

huahuahuaa :( till today i still got gastric.. oh my God, please cure it...

here's an aritcle about gastric & ulcer.



+ haNisahZubir + said...

hye there..
oh kene gastrik.. takotnye.. huuu..
gstrick cant be cure, but at least we can cntrol it..

me dlu, mkn blk secara teratur.. means amik breafast, lunch, dinner..
before tidur mlm, minum susu panas..
then, jgn minum air mcm twister or fresh oren.. thats one of the reason gastrik leh dtg..

me dlu, dekat seminggu lebih jgk la br gastrik tuh pergi jauh2.. hehe..

smga cpt sihat... nnti kalo da jd ulser perut lg sakit.. ##!
so, sayangi la perut anda.. huhuhu..

sekian nasihat dr pesakit gstrik jg.. ^^

:::p-e@sHaFiEe::: said...

thanks awk:)