oNe nIght @ pUdurAya..

on 23th of jan 09,i went to my beloved hometown,kulai:)there's quite lot of activities that i had 'achieve' prior to be sooo early at puduraya,huhu...my ticket on 2330 but i be there at 2030 (coz i tumpang my friend to KJ putra lrt,if not mybe stuck in heavy traffic jam,yelah CNY holiday..)so,i round2 area Petaling Street n walkaway to pudu..mant things i saw,xpecially aweks2..ahacks=)lastly i bought a burger to eat on my journey in bus...

sultan punya jalan daa..

kesian dia..
KL Tower,nun jauh d sana..
crowded Kotaraya..
tanglung bling2=)
dulian pun ada loo...
at Petaling Street...
crowded road..

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