World Gamemaster Tournament 08 [WGT08]

i'm at the left=)
mOzek in action
aruden, the spectator
hasSim vs MUn|b
MUn|b vs haSsim
roadside snapshot at 31st oct..
tournament board
WGT 08 banner

there am i,pchute..
cekgu vs kechik,sooo serious...
kechik vs cikgu
overview of crowd tournament area..

On 31st of Oct-2 Nov 08,some of the METC trainees involved in this 2nd biggest games tournament in Malaysia.In this tournament,all my friends participated in FIFA 08,PC games.I actually qualify until Round 32,lost to [Myfes]Killer,2-1....so sad to lost to him because I'm not have enough experience to beat when someone leading me..huhu..congrat to cikgu[DoubleH] and junior,mozek whose passed until Round 64. Nevermind,I'll improve myself to the next tournament..

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